The Basement Hangout
The Basement Hangout
Sasquatch Moments

A compilation of sasquatch videos, audio, and documents reviewed and contemplated by the guys and various guests.

Check out this episode on YouTube to see the videos with the audio.

  • Trail cam video of giant bigfoot.
  • 1959 State Department dispatch on Yeti in Nepal.
  • Sasquatch or werewolf howl?
  • The “Patty” bigfoot video enhanced with AI.
  • Washington State Department of Transportation traffic cam video of Sasquatch.
  • The Provo Canyon thrower video.
  • Giant footprint in granite outcrop image 1; image 2.
  • Todd Standing’s Sasquatch videos.
  • Cave drawing 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Army Corps of Engineers Sasquatch page from Washington State field manual.
  • Three not-so-great Sasquatch videos.

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