The Basement Hangout
The Basement Hangout
Preston's Paranormal Update 5 (With Dolly Safron)

Preston Dennett joins again to provide his latest paranormal update, which brings the announcement of his new book: Symmetry – A True UFO Adventure.

Joining with Preston for the second time is Dolly Safron, the subject of his new book.

Coronal mass ejections, craft visitations, alien intervention, and Ukraine. It’s all here.

Get Preston’s book Symmetry – A True UFO Adventure on Amazon.

Dolly’s drawing of the android grays that have visited her:

Android Gray
Android Gray

Dolly’s drawing of “Momma”, her friendly gray visitor:

Dolly’s photo of a visiting craft:
Visiting Craft
Visiting Craft


Dolly’s photos of the craft used by “Tlera,” her friendly visitor.
Tlera's Craft (1)
Tlera’s Craft (1)


Tlera's Craft (2)
Tlera’s Craft (2)


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