The Basement Hangout
The Basement Hangout
Pentyrch UFO Incident: Caz Clarke

Caz Clarke joins us to discuss The Pentyrch Incident, a fascinating UFO experience case to which she was a primary witness. Per Caz Clarke’s book on the subject: “It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of the evidence herein and it has the most profound implications for humanity, our children and our planet.”

  • Visit the official Pentyrch Incident website run by Caz. In addition to info about the incident itself, UFO experiencers can sign up for support services, provided free of charge to all who need it. BEWARE of false sites claiming affiliation with Caz and asking for donations. Caz does not solicit fees or donations.

  • Get Caz Clarke’s book, The Pentyrch Incident: The Greatest UFO Cover-Up of Modern Times.


  • Visit Caz on Facebook.

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