The Basement Hangout
The Basement Hangout
46: Harvard Astrophysicist Avi Loeb

Avi Loeb is the top Harvard Astronomer and Astrophysicist. He made waves in 2018 by stating that Oumuamua (oh-moo-uh-moo-uh), the interstellar object that traversed our solar system in 2017, could have been an alien technological artifact. This week he joins the guys to discuss Oumuamua, his Galileo Project to find and study UAPs, and more.

During this session with Professor Avi Loeb, we discussed the prospects for crowdfunding his Galileo Project to find and study UAPs. Since that time, he has announced a way for individuals to contribute with as little as $10. To contribute, and help get this important project off the ground and fully funded, go to this website: Make sure you follow the instructions so you don’t mistakenly contribute to the wrong program.


  • Animation of Oumuamua passing through our solar system
  • Video of UFO in El Rosario Mexico ejecting smaller objects, 2009.
  • Video of UFO at Fukushima plant ejecting smaller objects, 2011.
  • Video of two orbs creating a crop circle.

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