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The Basement Hangout
Bad Aliens
Matthew Hurley has been researching the ET subject behind the scenes for decades, beginning with an early interest and hopeful view of their interactions with us. Over the years, after digging into and aggregating the data, he began to form a different opinion. As explained on his website, the data seems to point to the alien agenda being not just indifferent, but malevolent towards humans. From animal and human mutilations to abductions and biologics extraction, Matt makes a very compelling case that the aliens aren’t the well-meaning visitors we are hoping for.
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TheBasementHangout-Bad Aliens

Episode Transcript

Chad: What's up alien underlings. Welcome to the basement. Hang out coming to you from somewhere in American suburbia. My name is Chad and with me as always is Bob.

Bob: And it's still hot as hell where we live and we haven't had no rain. So the damn drought, man,

Chad: a month, we've had a month of no rain. It looks like we've got another 10 days.

It's over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Things are going to start burning and we are struggling. My grass is Brown. Is your grass Brown?

Bob: We haven't had to cut, which is nice, but it looks like crap.

Chad: That is true. That is a benefit, I guess. But I might run out of water since I'm on well, so that would be bad.

I hope not. But anyway, let's move on to more important matters. Our guest tonight is Matthew Hurley. Matthew's website is bad aliens. info and is chock full of information regarding the possible true disposition of the alien agenda. Bob, Matt, thanks for joining us. Let me take a quote of yours directly from your website to get us started here.

You say, quote, There are still many in the subject, that is the subject of extraterrestrials, that look at the ET agenda with wishful thinking. And rose tinted spectacles. I think one has to exercise discernment. In my opinion, mankind's folly is assuming that because ETs have advanced tech and can traverse space, they will be peaceful.

I think the evidence on this site demonstrates the contrary. Now your website is divided up into the following sections. Animal mutilations, human mutilations, missing people, abductions, UFO attacks, and alien bases. Now, I admit, I had not really spent much time considering several of these in any detail.

Um, it's really just not part of the common current UFO lore, right? Yeah, it's different. We're just interested in knowing whether it's real or not. The government supposed cover ups and all that kind of stuff. And Matt, you go on to say... And this is interesting for us, Bob, many podcasters are doing themselves and their listeners a disservice by ignoring these aspects.

When was the last time, for example, you heard a podcaster interview someone about human mutilation cases, many of the love and light CE five brigade are preaching wholly incomplete and misleading narratives. And to your exact point, our interviews in this area have been, you know, with experiencers who don't know what the intent of their experience was scientists like Avi Loeb, who are trying to find proof of ets journalists like Ross Coulthart.

Who's. More than famous at this point who are trying to bring government knowledge of ETs to light and UFO researchers like Preston Dennett Who is absolutely convinced that the alien agenda is positive towards humankind So Bob and I have had some banter about the possibility of being of there being nefarious intent behind ETs Um, but that's really about it, which is why we were so keen to have you on the show.

So all that said, Matt, what are your thoughts?

Matthew Hurley: Well, did I really write those things? They said, be quite professional. Yeah, well, I think with my site, I'm trying to take a lot of the mystery away from it, really, and sort of break it down into what I think of the phenomena associated with UFOs. Um, you know, given the list there, abductions, mutilations, missing people, et cetera, and within each category, I'm trying to give some, you know, good, strong evidence to back up that particular sub phenomenon.

Um, I think for too long, there's been a large... What you could call a new age element within ufology, there's a big channeling community and they're all listening to the Ashtar command and all these various entities and they're sort of giving this message that, you know, we're going to land soon, relax, kick back, don't worry.

We're going to land, we're going to solve Earth's problems with our technology. We're going

to ascend to the fourth dimension. And myself included, in the early 90s, when I first came across channeling, I was like, wow, this is amazing. All these people are receiving communications from aliens. This is what I've been looking for. But then after a while, I started to smell a bit of a rat and I thought well, this isn't really what I'm seeing in the data, because that's what it's all about, look at the data, what is the data telling you?

You know, I'm seeing people being taken against their will, I'm seeing animals being mutilated, cases of human mutilation, people disappearing under strange circumstances, and I sort of realized that, sort of the new ways of channeling fraternity was just really one big piece of disinformation and I think, For those people who are generally in touch with ETs within that field, I think they're being disinformed on purpose, really, to sort of pass on this propaganda to the public and to ufologists that these beings mean no harm, when in actual fact, I think they do mean no harm and are hostile.

And they're here for their interests, not for our interests.

Chad: Those who are supposedly in the know recently, such as Lou Elizondo have kind of dropped hints at what you're saying, I think. Um, and, and let's take a, let's take a listen to this. This was him on, uh, Kurt Jumangles, uh, podcast, which is very popular from a while ago.

Um, where he's talking about, you know, the reality of ETs and the whole UFO subject being sobering.

Video: You can be as diplomatic as you like. I know that you're, you're a relatively diplomatic person. Yeah, let me, um...

Let me start with

by by somber sobering. Um, imagine, imagine everything you've been taught, whether it's through Sunday school or through regular formal education and school or what our political leaders have told us.

And yes, even maybe our mothers and fathers around the dinner table have told us or maybe at bedtime about. Well, we are right in our background in our past. Um, what if all of that turned out to be not entirely accurate? In fact, the very history of, of, of our species, um, the meaning, what it means to be a human being and our place in this universe.

What if all that is now in question? What if it turns out that a lot of the things that we Thought we're one way aren't are are we prepared to have that honest question with ourselves? Are we prepared to? To recognize that we're not at the top of the food chain, potentially, that we're not the alpha predator that we are, um, maybe somewhere in the middle.

What if it turns out that there's another species that, um, is, is even, even Even higher on, on the, on that, on that ladder than we are. Um, do we need the social institutions that we have today? Will we need governmental and religious organizations that we have today? If it turns out that, um, there is something else or someone else, um, that is, that is, uh, technologically more advanced and perhaps from an evolutionary perspective, more


Chad: So he goes on to say that. Um, I don't want to belabor the video clip, but he goes on to say that what if we are the zoo animals, we look at the zoo animals that are under us. But what if we are nothing but zoo animals now again? Supposedly he has some kind of knowledge that he's not. Saying publicly, so that's a little bit scary.

It's a little bit of a hint. Now, here was David Grush in his interview. You were familiar with the David Grush situation and the whistle blowing. Here's one of the things he said when he was specifically asked about the possibility of the non human intelligence. A. K. A. E. T. 's being malevolent.

Video: I think what appears to be malevolent activity has, has happened.


on not only, uh, nuclear site probing activities, um, witness

testimony, I think at least if we look at it through a humanistic lens,

um, it does appear negative, at least, uh, to


I've been told

that there have been attempts to bring down Craft that we've acted offensively against non human craft.

There have been instances and there are certain

techniques. Have human beings being hurt or killed by a non human intelligence? While I can't get into the

specifics because that would reveal a certain us classified in operations. I

was briefed by a few

individuals on the program that there were malevolent events

like that.

Now I'm scared. People have just heard you say non humans

may will have murdered human beings. That seems to be the case at one point. Yeah.

Chad: So again, somebody else who is supposedly somewhat in the know hinting malevolence,

Or perhaps just indifference. I mean, if you think about how do you feel about the anthill on the grass in your yard, you don't, you don't give a shit about it. You might mow over it. It's not even a big deal, right? So it could be something like that. Now, if we start getting into some of the information that you have all laid out on your website, again, there's the animal mutilations.

And I think people widely know about the animal mutilations. We've heard about it over the years, ever since I think the 1970s, um, you know, there's been shows on history channel and whatnot about it, but we didn't really pay too much attention to it because how much do we really care about some dead cattle in a farmer's field, but it's still been unexplained.


Matthew Hurley: Yeah, um, animals found with, uh, injuries which have been, um, made by, you know, incredible surgical precision, maybe some sort of laser instruments, um, there's no predation on the carcasses, um, bloodless as well, no blood found, so yeah, there's a lot of high strangeness associated with, uh, animal mutilations, and we tend to use the term cat mutilations, but there's a wide variety of animals, um, that are found in those circumstances, And mammals as well, like seals, um, there was some case in the 1990s off the east coast of England where numerous seals were found, they were decapitated and they were found with the same, um, decapitation point on their vertebrae, it was between the third and fourth vertebrae, um, again, a lot of precision involved with that particular, um, mutilation, so all sorts of animals and all over the world.

Chad: Yeah, and again, go ahead by

Bob: the no blood things weird. Like they always said they thought it was a chupacabra

Chad: There's a lot of other weird things about it. I mean, it's true the no blood thing How do you how do you do that? So, you know in reading I always wondered how and why is that possible in reading some of the information on your website Matt?

Uh, you know, there's speculation that they are extracting the blood for possible use otherwise. Uh, they also extract other things. There's images of puncture holes and through those puncture holes, entire like muscles. Or musculature was extracted.

Matthew Hurley: They seem to suck out, um, certain areas of interest in the body.

They make like a cookie cutter hole and then suck out whatever they want, be it the brain or muscle or whatever, yeah. Um, yeah, I mean, there's various theories as to why it's being done. Some people think, um, the substances that are retrieved, um, they feed off them through their skin. A mouse are a trophy so they feed through the skin.

I suspect there could be multiple uses. Um, it could be to do with a hybrid program that I think is taking place. Um, it could be as there, they may well be physical beings like us. They're consumed with survival, so maybe they can make medicines from biological material. Um, there's also the idea that body parts are traded, um, within the galaxy as well.

Um, there's an abductee called Ted Rice. Who featured in Carver Turner's final book, Masquerade of Angels. And, um, he recounts, uh, their aggression being taken to an underground base. And, um, they were like humans in suspended animation on a conveyor belt. And they went into this room, and these beings were like, basically dismembering them and putting their limbs.

Into sort of boxes, uh, God knows what, so yeah, pretty graphic stuff. It's like a horror movie. You know, if these alien bases exist, what are they, what are these aliens doing in them? You know, what, when they've taken all these body parts, what, what, where are they taking them and what are they doing with them?

I don't think they're sitting around watching TV in these spaces, you know, they're doing certain tasks, I'd imagine.

Chad: Yeah. And then the question becomes if there's alien bases on earth, how can we not know about them? Yeah. And perhaps we do, right?

Matthew Hurley: Well, yeah, there's been remote views, remote viewers over the decades like Project Stargate in the army, um, where they came across alleged alien bases, um, civilian researchers have allegedly come across bases.

There are areas on the earth where there's a high, um, degree of activity, hotspots. Um, Catalina Island is, is considered maybe to have some sort of, uh, base there. Some of them seem to be undersea, some of them seem to be in mountains. Um, but you, you would think quite a lot would be underwater as what, 70

percent of the of protection if you've got a very deep, uh, underwater installation.

Chad: Yeah, and then of course there's the theory that, uh, possibly the governments do know about this. Remember the, the story, we talked about it a couple episodes ago of Jimmy Carter, who was Oh, yeah, yeah. Given kind of the truth, and he cried for like a week when he found out,

Matthew Hurley: well, did he have hay fever?

No. Sorry, I'm just trying to it was covid biggest humor into the deep conversation. Yeah. Hey, I, I, I keep cueing the Carter thing, but I, I can never actually work out what he was told. No, no one seems to have that bit, you know, it's all open to speculation. Um, well, there is, But maybe we'll never see that but it made him upset, you know, rather than anything really dark,

Chad: you know.

Well, there, there is a, um, an individual who was supposedly high level in the government who did an interview and said that he was told by people in the administration who were in the room when he was told. More or less that what they told him was that religion was created as a subterfuge by aliens to keep us sort of, you know, under management in a certain way and upon hearing that and also that there is nothing we can do about the aliens and upon hearing that he, he wept.

Because he's a deeply religious man.

Bob: Maybe not after that conversation.

Chad: Yeah. So, but on your website, again, your website is a treasure trove of information, videos, links, um, about all of this stuff again, you know, back to the human, I mean, back to the, um, uh, animal mutilations. You know, it's hard to realize that it's still happening.

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, it is. Yeah. And it's all over the world. I mean, I think with ufology, it tends to be quite us centric, but, um, I tried to put a lot of UK cases on my website. I've got, um, two horse mutilation, um, documentaries on there that took place in Leicester in 2015, um, where two horses were found in two different fields.

Um, over a period of weeks with plastic mutilations, uh, injuries, uh, bloodless, uh, no signs of predation, cookie cutter injuries, et cetera, et cetera. Um, so yeah, it's, it's ongoing. It's been going on for decades and it's all over the world.

Chad: Yeah. And I want to play another video here, um, again from your website and for anybody who's watching this.

Or I guess in this case, listening to this, um, you know, this is where it's earmuffs time. Like this is not for children basically. Uh, so if you're with your kids, time to turn it off, it's bad aliens. info. All right. So this is a video. This is a YouTube video. He's linked to it on, on his website. Bad aliens.

info. You'd like this, Bob. This is a good old boy. Rancher farmer who started his own YouTube channel, Jeff sailors. He started his own YouTube channel and he, and he did this thing called, uh, UFO chronicles or alien, the alien chronicles. And this is one he did where he's talking about his experiences with mutilations on the ranch where he worked.

And he's just so down home and, and, you know, uh, original, it, it, it, it comes across as very, um, you know, sincere.

Bob: Oh, he's got music and everything. Yeah.

Video: Afternoon folks. Got some more alien chronicles to tell you about today. There were so many strange things happened on that Belfalo ranch over the nine years I was there.

I, I could go on for days, but I'm going to try and tell these stories in a chronological order that they actually happened. So. This was long about that first summer that I was there too and I'd already seen a half a dozen of the mutilated buffalo and I, I gotta tell you that was some bizarre stuff.

Whenever, whenever they killed a bull buffalo, they'd take the penis out of the sheath and the penis on a buffalo was a good three foot long. And the sheath, the skin, Casing, I'll call it, that the penis is in, grows right to the belly of the buffalo. And it's a good three foot long. In fact, it's long enough that when we'd slaughter those buffalo for meat, some guy had to save those penises and he'd dry them and make golf putter handles out of them.

So that just gives you an idea of how long these penises were. And that sheath runs all the way back to the scrotum behind the hind legs. And they would paint a, that orange red triangle, here we are again with the triangle deal. And they would remove that penis out of the sheath. And for the life of me, I don't know how.

And I've skinned well over a thousand big game animals. And I did a lot of taxidermy, so I've opened up animals from every end and every direction. And they would remove that penis from the base without ever making a cut in that sheath. So they had to reach down in there somehow, almost three feet, to sever that penis and pull it out of that sheath.

I don't know how, how, how they did it. And no blood, no marks, nothing. And on the cows, they'd do some pretty serious surgery. They'd make an elliptical cut on her belly, shaped like that. One side was always clean and bloodless and sharp, like cut with a scalpel. And the other side was always ragged and crusty and smelled burnt.

And then they'd almost always take the fallopian tubes out, and occasionally the uterus too. But no matter what they took out of it, all those cows were always pregnant. If they killed one early in the spring, they'd pull the fetus out, no bigger than that, a little hairless thing, lay it on the ribcage of that dead cow and paint a triangle on it.

How messed up is that? And if they kill one later in the year, like October. The, the, the calf would be much bigger and have hair on it and that calf would be pulled out and it would have an orange triangle painted on it, so. So after, you know, a half a dozen of those, you start paying attention to what the hell's going on on that ranch, so.

The, uh, general manager lived about a mile away from me in another house. I don't know how to describe him. He wasn't the boldest man. Maybe he's the best way to say it. He was pretty freaked out about all this stuff. And of course he was responsible for running the ranch. I was basically the hired man, but he had a girlfriend that had some health issues with her hips and she needed help getting up and down and things like that.

So one night she was doing a sleepover at his house and she woke him up in the middle of the night, had to go to the bathroom and he helped her get up. She went and did her business and he helped her get back in bed. Now this house of his was 5, 000 square feet. I don't know how many bedrooms and this and that, but it was a big house.

And they go back to sleep, and he wakes up a couple hours later, and every light in that house was on, including the nightstand lights on either side of that bed. And like I say, he wasn't the boldest man in the world, and he got on the phone and called me, and he was some kind of upset. So, I waited till first light to run up there.

And he waited till first light to go outside, too. So he walks outside of his house, and he had a little detached garage they used for the office on the ranch. Here's a knife, a fork, and a spoon in a triangle on the threshold of that door. Here we are back to the triangle deal. And he called me back just as I was leaving in the house and told me what had happened and it was his silverware.

So I opened up my door and walk out and there's one on my threshold of my door, one on the horse barn, one on the shop. And seems like there was another one at another outbuilding there. But that was some bizarre stuff. And I run up to his house and he hadn't touched it. They were all laid out just perfect.

And that was pretty unnerving.

Bob: Mmm. So that's like a haunting type thing.

Chad: Yeah. Now, have you run into any more cases of these triangles?

Matthew Hurley: No, I, that's one of the things that attracted me to this case. I've never ever heard of another mutilation where there's been like markings like that. Um, I'm surprised if Linda Maltin Howe hasn't picked up on it because obviously, you know, she's one of the premier research into animal mutilations.

And that's an interesting piece of tangible evidence, but, uh, no, I've never, ever come across that in any other case. Yeah.

Bob: I love Linda as well.

Chad: Do you, Bob?

Bob: Yeah. Yeah. She's been the one reporting on it for like Even in the nineties, when I started to listen to, you know, art bell radio.

Chad: Yeah, that is true.

Yeah. She's been around for a long time. She's still doing it.

Bob: So do people

contact you with experiences? You're more of a researcher getting the word out.

Matthew Hurley: Um, I don't really get that much, uh, emails in terms of people's experiences. Now we tend to get ones about comments on the website, but not really ones about people's experiences.

No, not really.

Bob: So where did you find the human mutilations, man? Cause that's what I haven't. So I've heard of the cattle. I've heard of. All kinds of animals dead.

Matthew Hurley: They're quite hard to come by. I mean, the most famous example is the one from Brazil from the late 1980s Guaraparanga Reservoir. Um, that's the one where we've got several, um, color photos of the body.

We've got an autopsy report from the doctor. We know the name of the victim. We know the names of the people that found the body. So, that's the main, strongest example within mutilations. The other ones that I've come across is basically scouring the net, googling, and find cadavers here and there, if you like, uh, but no, no one seems to have really put a lot of effort into get Gavin Wallander one umbrella into one website or into one documentary, um, so that's what I try to do, um, you know, with that section in any case that come across where the injuries seem to, yeah.

Mimic the, you know, the animal mutilation injuries, then I'm going to put that case on there. I've also got some of the recent face peeler, um, cases as well from Peru, um, what individuals have found from the neck up with like no skin.

Chad: I've got some of that. So I wanted, I wanted to segue again. I said, this is, you know, ear muffs and eye muffs.

Um, for those watching on YouTube, uh, portion of the interview here, I wanted to segue from the animal mutilations to the human mutilations. Because we've all heard of the animal mutilations, they've been common in the lore, you know, maybe we didn't realize that it's still going on and how prevalent it really is.

I mean, if you Google animal mutilations or go to Google News and search animal mutilations, you'll find recent reports like in the last few months. Um, so what does that mean for human mutilations? Nobody ever talks about that. Right? Yeah, I heard it.

So I've got a couple of cases again from, from the website.

I want to read,

Bob: go ahead, but you, so you said that we don't really care about the animals. I know what, like a head of cattle for a farmer is like expensive as shit. Yeah. Especially if it's full grown because the farmer babies,

Chad: the farmer cares a whole lot, but nobody else does.

Bob: So I wonder, does insurance cover alien mutilation?

Chad: That's a good question. Or mutilation in general. Yeah, that's a good question. Probably. They, they probably just mark it down as, you know, a predator. Yeah.

Matthew Hurley: God, sorry, we'll pay up. Yeah. Yeah.

Bob: Even though it's like laser precision and all the blood's gone.

Chad: Yeah. And if the aliens are our God, they fall under that exclusion.

So this is a case on the website. Sergeant Jonathan P love it from 1956. I'm going to read this whole thing. Air force Sergeant Jonathan P love. It was assisting major Williams Cunningham in the white sands missile testing grounds. Near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. While searching for scattered debris from a recent rocket test, Cunningham was shocked when he heard a loud scream.

Thinking Lovett had perhaps been bitten by a snake, he recounts Cunningham crossed the dune to aid his partner when he purportedly witnessed one of the most bizarre human extraterrestrial encounters. Instead of finding Lovett nursing a snake bite, Cunningham recounted seeing the soldier being dragged by a long serpentine arm wrapped around his legs connected to a silver disc hovering in the air 15 to 20 feet away.

Cunningham watched frozen in horror as Lovett was pulled inside the craft. Which then rose vertically into the sky. The major then stumbled toward his Jeep and radioed for assistance. Security teams arrived and then disturbed Cunningham. The disturbed Cunningham was confined to the base hospital for observation and treatment.

After retelling what he believed he witnessed, according to Joseph's military encounters book, base personnel did confirm an unidentified radar contact near Holloman at the time that Lovett vanished. The base dispatched search parties into the desert, but it would be three days before love. It's nude corpse was discovered 10 miles from the site of the alleged abduction.

From all indications, the body had been exposed to elements for 24 to 48 hours. According to English, the report offered no explanation of what might account for the missing third day. The autopsy performed on love it raised more questions than answers. First question was, Why had Lovett's corpse been so severely mutilated?

His tongue had been cut out from the lower portion of his jaw, his eyes gouged out, and his anus removed. In the Air Force medical examination report pertaining to the incident, English alleges that the coroner remarked on the apparent surgical skill. Used to remove, remove the organs in particular that the anus and genitalia had been neatly extracted, like a plug.

Perhaps most puzzling was the fact that the body had been completely drained of blood, but surprisingly, there was no vascular collapse, usually associated with death by bleeding. So again, what the hell is that?

Bob: They milked the blood and took the anus in the thick.

Chad: Yeah. Why are they taking these, you know, body parts like that?

Matthew Hurley: Well, like I say, it could be could be for several uses. It could be for a hybrid program. It could be medicines. It could be to trade certain parts with other other places. You know, there could be more than one reason. Could be food. That could be one answer. We're getting to the realms of speculation.

Obviously, it's very difficult to come up with definitive answers. Um, but I think with some of those questions, there could be more than one answer, to be honest.

Bob: Yeah, so, but they say aliens don't have genitalia, so maybe like a human dick on the black market is worth like crap ton of money.

Chad: I mean, what are you going to do with it when it's dead?

Bob: I don't know, dude. I have no clue. That's why I took the blood with it. I don't know. And they sold the anus.

Chad: They're the modern version of, uh, he, she's, I guess, I don't know, I don't know,

Matthew Hurley: I'm sorry to say that case is the earliest one that I've come across for human mutilation, unfortunately, like with a lot of these cases, it's very anecdotal. So there's no supporting photographs.

Chad: So the next one I wanted to talk about was the diet loft.

If I'm saying that correctly, Russian pass incident from 1959. And just very quickly, this is where Russian hikers, uh, they went to bed in their tents and sometime late at night, they tore through their tents and fled without wearing any proper clothes. It was extremely cold out. It was winter. And then they were all found dead.

And then several of the people that were found dead, it was what, six or eight of them?

Matthew Hurley: They were nine in total. Nine, I think.

Chad: Nine, okay. Yeah. And then several of them who were found dead... Uh, had these and I'll, I'll share this, had these, uh, you know, classic mutilation, um, indications. Yeah, one

Matthew Hurley: of the, um, the, the ladies in the group, she was missing her eyes, um, the tongue, I think her upper lip, um, part of a skull was missing.

Um, one of the guys, he was missing his eyebrows, you know, eyes. Um, you know, skeptics will say, oh, it's just predators. Well, why wouldn't the predators go for all the eyes of all the dead victims? Why would they only go for one or two, yeah?

Chad: And why wouldn't they eat the entire body?

Matthew Hurley: Exactly, yeah, yeah. Um, so, you know, putting, putting your human mutilation eye on, it does seem to mirror, um, you know, the other human mutilation cases that we've come across.

There's also rumors that UFOs were seen in the vicinity around that time. And there's that, they, they ripped out of their tent, was there something outside the tent that was freaking them out and they wanted to try and get away from the situation? Um, I don't think they were, they were fully dressed either.

I think they were sort of kind of went out with what they were wearing as well. Um, yeah, some of them did die of hypothermia, but there were a handful that did seem to have these classic mutilation injuries. But also as well, I think I'm right in saying that they had, um, like a compression injury to their chest.

Um, but it didn't damage their bones or there was something really odd about this compression damage to the chest area on some of the victims as well as if some sort of energy had hit them.

Chad: The next case, I think this is the one you referred to. And again, if you're squeamish, uh, you probably don't want to look at this.

This is worse than the last one? Yeah, much worse. Unfortunately, uh, and this is directly from his website. So this is the case you were talking about in Brazil. Yes.

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, this, this is, this is the gold standard, if you like, where we've got multiple photos in color. We know the name of the victim, the name of the people that found the body.

There's even a, an autopsy report from the doctors saying, you know, how bizarre the injuries are. You can see the classic cookie cut holes where, um, it has been removed through the, through the aperture. Um, anal coring, eyes missing, classic jaw strip, tongue missing, um, bloodless, no, no predation around the body as well.

Chad: Yeah. So no animals. So what was interesting is in, in many of these cases, the animals stayed away. Yeah. So when there's a, when there's a carcass of anything, animals are going to come and eat it. Yeah. Whether, you know, whether it's Turkey Hawks or whatever. Yeah. Um, nothing, they stay away from these. That's bizarre in itself.

Matthew Hurley: The creepy thing about this case as well is, when they, when they looked at the, um, deceased brain, um, they determined that he was still alive at the time the injuries took place. Oh my god. There's some sort of hormone or some chemical that's released. Under extreme stress. So they determined that, um, it was likely that he was alive when, you know, these injuries were being performed on him.

Chad: Oh, that's awful.

Bob: Look at that huge hole in his leg.

Chad: I mean,

Matthew Hurley: I mean, it's just a gunshot, you know, right off straight away.

Chad: A gunshot wouldn't be that clean.

Bob: So his balls are gone, but his membrane's still there. So the aliens weren't wearing it.

Chad: Yeah. Then, um, this one, if I could ask you sent, or you said in your.

Uh, on your website that somebody sent you this image.

Matthew Hurley: Yes, someone sent me that one, yeah. Someone's come across the website like what I was doing and went on a bit of a hunt on the internet and came across this case. I think it's from South America again. But you can see that classic sort of missing lips, missing eyes.

And you've got some holes in the arms as well.

Chad: I can't think of any way to explain this stuff away. Yeah, it's very hard. I don't see humans doing this all over the globe.

Matthew Hurley: I mean, I'm the expert on gunshots, but would you say that was gunshots on the arms?

Chad: No, it's no, definitely not.

Bob: It's too big. And it's not like a shotgun shot.

It's a huge hole.

Chad: Well, shotgun shot would blast the arm off. Or if it was from a distant, it would just be like scattershot. Yeah, pepper. Um, it would, there would be a hole on the other side. I would assume when they run these autopsies, they'd find obviously bullet fragments and they don't. So what animal would do this?

What kind of serial killer is roaming all over the globe doing these odd things, trying to get us to think it's aliens. I told you I didn't. Don't remember. I told you that this was, uh, earmuffs and I'm off time. So, but I mean, this is scary, right? Because again, we're talking about UFOs and aliens and wanting and a lot of the community we talked about read it earlier.

A lot of the community wants it to be real. And I see all of these, um, posts about I really want it to be real because our life on earth is shit. I don't know if these are young folks who don't have the job they want or aren't meeting women or whatever the case is. And then a couple people will chime in like, dude, you don't necessarily know what you're in for.

And, you know, maybe we need to be discussing this in a more neutral position until we figure out what the hell is actually happening.

Matthew Hurley: I think a lot of people are excited by the concept of disclosure, which, which could be around the corner, and, um, you know, a lot of people spend a lot of time debating what, um, NHIs could be, are they time travelers, are they aliens, et cetera, but I don't think enough time is devoted as to what they're actually doing here, what's their agenda, um, potentially a more difficult question to answer, but I find a lot of people at the first stage, they're not, they're not Going beyond that and asking, you know, the nitty gritty question, 64, 000 question, what are they doing here?

Why are they coming here? Um, so, you know, that's what I'm trying to do in my site is to show what phenomena I think are associated with these visitors, which could give us, um, could give us strong ammunition, strong evidence as to, you know, to come to some tentative conclusions as to why they're coming here.

Chad: And now one more to share, Bob. So hide your eyes if you can't handle it. Jesus. But so this is pertinent because it is a comparison between now we've talked about animal mutilations and we've talked about human mutilations, and this is kind of a comparison between the two and you can see. Some commonalities right on the left.

You have a calf for some reason the left side of its face Has been removed its jaw its eyes Its anus has been cored and then on the right side This is a 17 year old girl in Brazil who was found and again You can see eyes have been removed lips have been removed She's wearing pants. So I don't know About the coring or whatever.

Um, what do you think? What do you say about this, Matt?

Matthew Hurley: Well, I think the picture speaks a thousand words. You can see the sort of correlation between the two and the types of injuries. As you say, the jaw and the eyes, um, holes in the body. I do find that image quite hard to look at compared to the others, to be honest with you.

It is. Yeah, because it's a female, but I do find that one quite disturbing. But, uh, it's a young girl.

Chad: It's a 17 year old girl just about to start the prime of her life. It's very heart wrenching. And it also kind of drives home the point that if this is indeed non human intelligence. They don't think of us any differently than they do a cow, right?

Matthew Hurley: I think people make the assumption if an intelligence is technologically advanced that they're going to be ethically advanced. But I think the evidence on my website demonstrates the opposite. Yeah, they've got the technology, they can reverse space, but they don't seem to show any ethics or morality.

And there's all, first thing we have to remember is the phenomenon had what, 75, 80 years to tell its agenda where it's from, what it's doing here, but there's this total secrecy, um, surrounding the intelligence and it's, you know, it's been a sort of a guessing game. A game of chess for many decades.

Chad: Yeah.

Now, if we move down the categories you have, another one is missing people. And this was an interesting tidbit. Uh, that you had on your website, according to the national missing and unidentified persons system. Did you know this Bob more than 600, 000 persons go missing in the United States every year.

Man, I didn't know it was that high. 600, 000 people every year. Now, you point out that some of these could be attributed to runaways, uh, some of these could be attributed to, you know, drug addicts, homeless people, um, regular abductions by other people, uh, a certain percentage of them are found again, but then there's this, you know, large percentage who are never found ever again, they're just gone.

Matthew Hurley: Right, there's, there's ones that are never found and then there are some other cases where they're found dead in an area that's previously been searched as well, which is again, high strangeness, no sniffer dog trail. Um, sometimes they've got injuries on the one side as if they've been dropped down from above and hit the ground.

Um, but yeah, there's a few cases on the website. There's one of a doctor, um, who went hiking with his friends and in a national park and a few miles into the walk. He decided to go on ahead. And sometime later the others carried on walking and they couldn't find him. Search party was launched. Several weeks later they found his body at the bottom of a ravine.

His GPS was still working. So why did he make contact if he got lost? There were injuries on the side of his body as if he'd been dropped down from above. Sniffer dogs couldn't pick up a trail on him. So yeah, some very strange cases. David Politis with his 411 series of books has done a lot of extensive research into this particular area.

Another thing I'd say as well is that... You know, we're familiar with animal mutilations and we say, well, there aren't as many human mutilations, but could be that a lot of these people that disappear do end up being mutilated, but we never actually see the cadaver. It's taken onto a base or a spacecraft or whatever.

So it could well be that maybe human mutilations are a lot more common than what we initially suspect. It's just that the bodies. Unnecessarily being returned.

Bob: So what if that's what they're hiding? They don't want anyone to know that's changed the whole frigging.

Chad: Well, that's, that's always been one of these theories, theories that the government knows, right?

They don't want to let it out there because there would be panic. I mean, if, if everybody writ large understood that we are basically. Subject to them doing these kinds of things to us at any time. Would you take your kids camping? Right. Would you leave your house? I mean, they could still come get you in your house for all you know, but...

Mm hmm. The whole paradigm of life changes. Yeah, that's... changes it. Right?

Matthew Hurley: It does. Ideally, we need sovereignty over our own planet, rather than having illegal occupiers causing mayhem.

Chad: Right. Yeah, exactly. Now, um, another section you have is on alien attacks and I wanted to talk about that in terms of the recent happenings in Peru.

Now, again, I came across this on Reddit, you know, the common wisdom there is that this was faked. It was drug traffickers. Let me just read this terrified villagers in a rural district of Alto Nene. Northeast of Lima, Peru claimed that they are under attack by seven foot tall, armored aliens that bear a striking resemblance to the green goblin from Spider Man.

According to the locals, these extraterrestrials have large heads and yellowish eyes, and they have been launching nightly attacks on the community since July 11th. One alarming incident involved a 15 year old girl who was reportedly grabbed from behind and had her neck cut while she was resisting. The community members are living in fear, unable to sleep peacefully due to the constant threat.

The allegations have been made by members of the Iketu indigenous people who have described the aliens as being immune to their hunting weapons. The villagers are now urging the Peruvian military to intervene and protect them from these interstellar intruders. They claim that the aliens wear protective armor.

And have unique floating abilities using round shaped shoes with a red light on the heel. Now this sounds like something, you know, straight out of science fiction. Uh, so the conjecture in the community has been that, you know, maybe there's drug traffickers and they've been trying to kick these people off their land.

And they're doing, you know, these kind of like scooby doo ish things to scare them away. Um, what, what say you on this?

Matthew Hurley: Well, South America's historically been rich for UFO activity. Um, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was some form of non human intelligence, to be honest.

Chad: Yeah. But is there any, is there any evidence that this is actually happening?

Matthew Hurley: Well, all we've got really is eyewitness descriptions. We haven't yet got any really good video footage. Um, I think there's one or two blurry videos out there. Um, you would hope with, uh, you know, mobile phones, cell phones becoming better in the, uh, the video department that we would be getting better quality video footage of, uh, these alleged incidents.

It makes you wonder if the phenomenon can sort of control how it's being recorded. You know, as cell phones get better and better at videos, we should be getting better and better quality footage of UFOs and, and non human intelligence, but still don't quite have that sort of, uh, gold standard of non human intelligence video yet, do we?

Well... Just a few dodgy things from the 90s, like the alien interview and the alien autopsy footage. No one... Yeah... So far has managed to sort of... Have their iPhone 15, you know, aiming at whatever it's seeing, which is a bit well,

Chad: it is, but in reality, um, what we need is somebody with extremely good luck who has a DSLR with a high powered lens on it to be at the right place at the right time to take a picture.

Or video of a craft, because I mean, face it, if you take the best iPhone on the market now with the best camera or the best Android, and you pointed at something in the sky and zoom in, it's going to look like shit. Yeah, it does. They're meant for selfies and photos of family, you know, within a certain distance, not for taking pictures of things far off.

I mean, that's just the reality.

Matthew Hurley: We need an alien selfie, don't we? What's that? We need some alien selfies.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, that would be good. Well, that's like images of Bigfoot, you know, we just wouldn't believe it, especially with our new technology and being able to create things at will.

Bob: So maybe the new iPhone will have it.

You think? Yeah. When the hell this has to come out anytime, I would think.

Chad: Is it going to have an NHI recording feature? I don't know. Who knows? Maybe we need to come up with that.

Bob: The first one to come out would be Samsung because they do

everything first.

Matthew Hurley: Reduction of the green skin reduction.

Chad: So are there any other alien attack, um, you have a couple on here that you point out some of which perhaps are more well documented than what's supposedly going on right now in Peru.

Are there any that you would point out?

Matthew Hurley: Well, Clara's is the obvious example for attacks, um, which took place in 77, 78, um, UFOs were seen initially oversee by fishermen, and then they started coming inland and they were firing pencil beams of light down on the locals. A lot of them were left with burn marks, a lot of people were injured, a couple of people died, uh, the Americans got involved and took a lot of, uh, video film and photographs.

Most of which they're still sitting on. The Brazilian military as well have got a lot of evidence concerning that case. And they've only released a fraction of what they actually took. So, um, I'm hoping in time, as the South Americans seem to be a bit more open with their governments, maybe we might see, um, some more disclosure from them.

Maybe with the Clara's case, but we'll have to see. I often think though they're in bed with the Americans and there could be a lot of money changing hands for them to keep their mouths shut.

Chad: Mm hmm. And that's color is Brazil. Just yeah. So there's been a lot of stuff in Brazil. It seems,

Matthew Hurley: yeah, it seems to be, I would suspect there must be several NHI bases there, you know, which would account for the amount of activity that seems to be taking place.

And I suppose, because you've got a lot of, um, remote tribes, it's easy for aliens to sort of do whatever they want to do to the locals and it doesn't necessarily get out into the wider world and wider press, you know, they're kind of a bit remote, these tribes. So, you know, they can tamper with them and sort of get away with it without too much exposure.


Bob: What's NHI stand for?

Matthew Hurley: Non human intelligence. Oh, NHL. I think they're aliens, but I'm playing the diplomatic card there and saying NHL.

Chad: Yeah, okay. Yeah, so that's kind of, that became a common term from Grush during his interview with Colhart. Because he was saying that we don't, we don't necessarily know that these are extraterrestrials, which mean outside of our solar system.

Right, they may be here. They might be interdimensional. They might be living here underground, whatever. And so he just refers to it as non human intelligence. Uh, I did read, read on your website that you still kind of, uh, feel that it is extraterrestrial. Yeah.

Matthew Hurley: I mean, the track down coming from above, they don't look like us.

They don't act like us. They didn't dress like us. There's up to 400 billion stars in our galaxy. So for me, Occam's razor, you know, the simplest. Uh, answer similar solution. I, I think they're, they're physical aliens. Yeah. Mm hmm. I don't think the time trial doesn't see any evidence for that. Inter dimensional.

If they're inter dimensional, why would they put physical implants in abductees? Why would they put them in physical body parts? To me, it suggests the physical physicality to them. So I think they're physical aliens from elsewhere.

Chad: Yeah, that makes sense.

Bob: So you don't think they live here on earth?

Matthew Hurley: I think they've got basis here and they may have had basis for a long time, but I don't think they're like an indigenous species that grew alongside us.

Um, if, if what appears, there's been a lot of crashes, a concentration of UFO crashes in the forties and fifties. That suggests there was more of an arrival around that time, to me anyway.

Chad: Well, but, uh, you know, to that, what about some of the old depictions, like super old depictions, cave drawings, art from the 1400s, you know, et cetera?

Matthew Hurley: I mean, I've no doubt aliens have been with us for many centuries. I suppose the question is, are the ones that are here now the same ones that were here thousands of years ago? That we don't know. It may well be that they're not. Which is why we've had a lot of crashes in the forties and fifties. It could be that there are new kids on the block, so to speak, rather than the same type that we hear from millennia ago.

Chad: Yeah. Now, speaking of abductions, that's another section of your website. What do you think of all the abduction reports we hear where people are taken on a ship? And we've had several of them on this show where you remember Dolly, for example, they're taking on a ship. They're shown kind of the universe.

The aliens are pleasant. They're teaching them how to be more at one with the universe, more spiritual, this and that. And then they return them home with supposedly no after effects.

Matthew Hurley: Well, I think, um, I think abductions are morally wrong. I think the individual has been taken against their will. Um, they may well be showing certain imagery to try and convince them that the aliens are coming with good intentions, but that could well be just alien propaganda.

I'm sure the aliens themselves wouldn't want to be abducted. I don't think any sentient being would want to be taken against its will. And I think a lot of people give special dispensation to aliens, which they wouldn't do with humans. You know, it's okay for aliens to abduct me, but I wouldn't want a human to abduct me.

I'm going to practice C5 or I'm not going to get into a car with a stranger. So it's a bit of sort of double standards going on. I think with a lot of people with regards to how they view abductions.

Chad: You spoke of alien propaganda, which is such a kind of a, it makes me chuckle on the inside a little bit, but it's not a funny thing.

There is the possibility that there is an entire propaganda machine around this to keep us uninformed or to think that it's, you know, benevolent. Or they're going to come save us with technology or shut down our nuclear weapons, which is what I had always hoped. Um, save us from climate change or whatever you want to call it.

And, you know, you make the point in the website that these kinds of claims have been told to abductees time and time and time again, and none of it has come true. And so do you believe, or are you seeing evidence in this data that this is part of propaganda so they can keep doing to us what perhaps they're doing surreptitiously?

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, I mean, if you take a lot of abduction accounts, for example, one might be showing the image of an asteroid hitting Earth, another will be showing a pole shift, another will be showing something else, so you're getting conflicting scenarios. They can't all be correct, so there's a lot of confusion that goes along with trying to ascertain what aliens are trying to tell us in the world of channeling again, you get a lot of predictions that never come true.

So it was a total minefield. Also as well, I think they can perform certain tasks or events in order for their own benefits. So, for example, if someone say has had a bad back for 30 years. They get taken on board, the aliens cure them, and then that person will go off onto podcasts and say how wonderful the aliens are.

So the aliens, I think, have got the upper hand in terms of propaganda, and they can create certain scenarios. Like, for example, that example there, you know, where they individual things go off and see it in a positive light where behind that may well be sort of nefarious intentions.

Bob: So that's what Preston and Dolly say, and Dolly claims she had hybrid babies.

Yeah. That we're taking back or I don't know, did you say she, she didn't have it on earth.

Chad: She, yeah, she had them on the ship or whatever, or on the planet that they took her to, but that she visits with her alien babies in their adulthood. Right. And you know, everything is honky dory and she has a name for her handler.

Who's from. Like the mother, like alien. Yeah, the mother alien or whatever.

Matthew Hurley: And so, yeah, I mean, this is what David Jacobs and other abduction researchers of, um, sort of theorize that there's a hybrid program underway and they're mixing alien genetic material with human genetic material to produce beings that look like us that are psychically linked to the aliens.

The idea being that in the future, these hybrids will be put into positions of power and influence. And that's how these alien overseers then will be able to take over our planet. Um, that's the sort of the ultimate scenario that I think the ultimate agenda That's behind a lot of this phenomenon is to do with a planetary takeover And the hybrid program is is the main part of that Procedure.

Chad: Would you have any guess as to where we are? In that potential agenda,

Matthew Hurley: I think it's long term and it could well be 100 years or so. I don't think it's just around the corner. Um, when you listen to abductees, they often report that their parents had strange phenomena and their grandparents. So the abduction program could well be going back to the early 1900s.

Um, what you find a lot of people that are abductees, their parents may have been abductees as well. They're chosen to follow a family line. Um, and as you know, people are taken repeatedly throughout their lives and reproductive materials taken from them, hybrids are created, and as you mentioned, They get to visit the, the hybrids as well.

And yeah, um, seems to be a lot of strong evidence for that. I think so. Are you the same themes propping up in abduction accounts? Obviously you need to look for sort of patterns in the data. And one of the patterns is this idea of reproductive material being taken.

Bob: So if they're here, if they're coming here to harm humans, are you against or for disclosure personally?

Matthew Hurley: No, I'm absolutely for disclosure. Good or bad. It's the people have a right to know. I think the problem is you're going to get people, um, are going to be upset that they've been lied to. You're going to get people freaking out that aliens are here. Then you're also going to get people freaking out that they're coming here with, not with our interests at heart.

So you've got at least three possible reasons to freak out in terms of reaction.

Chad: And one of the theories I heard, I think it was again, Lou, Lou Elizondo, who brought this up on one of the myriad podcasts he went on was that if you're a general, And your job is to fight wars and win them. You know, that you conduct reconnaissance ahead of the actual attack.

And as soon as your enemy knows 100 percent that you're conducting that reconnaissance in preparation for attack, your, uh, ability to, you know, have the element of surprise is gone. And that is the moment. You attack and one of the reasons why they may not be wanting disclosure to come out in a, in a way that is not, you know, subtle or whatever you want to call it, like not a hundred percent.

We know we now all know that there's aliens is because that could be the moment when they just come hot war. Destroy us. There's nothing we can do. And the, you know, the people that run our militaries globally know this. Yeah,

Matthew Hurley: I'm sure behind the scenes, um, the American government and other governments are desperately trying to come up with technology to defeat.

Um, the aliens, I mean, there are rumors of craft being shot down. I don't know how accurate or not they are. You would think the aliens would be monitoring our pacing offensive technology. You know, sabotage and the efforts to develop technology to shoot them down, but who knows what's going on behind the scenes, but I think a sophisticated civilization would necessarily use weaponry to take over a planet.

It might be. Uh, a long term program that's very behind the scenes, and like I say, if you're using a hybrid strategy, you can effectively take over a planet long term without ever firing a shot. We tend to think of, um, or, you know, if they were negative, they would have taken this over by now. Maybe there's more than one.

Way of, uh, of taking over a civilization, and it can be a bit more, um, slight of hand and a bit more behind the scenes than what people might think.

Bob: Yeah, the hybrid theory is pretty crazy.

Matthew Hurley: The idea is that these aliens can't breathe our atmosphere for long. So in order to take the planet over, they've got to create hybrids with their DNA mixed with ours.

These aliens don't have the biological complexity that we've got. So, for example, you know, influenza, COVID, et cetera, things that we might get ill can sort of kill them. Apparently, a lot of them are born in, like, sterile environments on, on spacecraft, so they haven't built up that biological complexity that humans on Earth have got, indigenous people.

Um, so, that's one of the problems these aliens have got on our planet.

Chad: Putting my tinfoil hat on, could that be why? Covid was created in a lab in Wuhan was to kill any alien hybrids that were here. That would be an insane one.

Matthew Hurley: You know what I'm saying?

Bob: Yeah. I'm sure they also want genitalia. Cause they've lost it.

Chad: And maybe, and don't shadow ban me please, power is the bee. Maybe the COVID vaccine has negative impacts on anybody who has hybrid DNA.

Matthew Hurley: With less abductions if you've had COVID, right?

Bob: Yeah, that's a good, we need research on that.

Chad: And I like this theory. I'm hoping, I'm kind of hoping it's true. This is all very interesting.

What, how does this impact your daily routine, man, your life and everything?

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, it's, it's not the lightest subject to be into. Um, yeah, it's very, I was interested in the subject as a child. And I suppose the last few years I've, I've kind of honed in on this angle and, um, yeah, I'm, I'm holding it together at the moment.

Yeah. I probably hold down a day job whilst researching human relations. So, uh, it's a dirty job, but there's not many people doing it. So. Yeah, it's all about balance, you know, having other hobbies and interests. healthy, et cetera.

Chad: Now, do you, uh, do you discuss these things with coworkers and family members and whatnot?

Matthew Hurley: Not in work. No. Um, my wife has some, a bit of an interest, but she wouldn't actively read books or watch documentaries, but she is a believer, you know, I've shown her enough evidence. Yeah. My daughter's a believers, but again, they didn't really actively. Take a big interest in the subject, but, uh, you know, I, I'm not really the sort of preaching type, you know, if someone wants to ask me about it or what my opinions, then I'll offer them, but I'm not, I'm not too evangelical really.

Chad: Yeah, I hear that. And, and, you know, at the end of the day, what's anybody supposed to do?

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, that's the scary part. I think the first thing is people need to be aware. People need to be informed of what's going on. They have a right to know. And even if a right to know. And, um, it could well be that if a critical mass of humanity is aware of what these aliens are doing, maybe that might have some sort of negative influence on them.

Who knows?

Bob: So do you avoid certain situations? So you won't get abducted or, you know, they can just come get you anyway.

Matthew Hurley: Um, I suppose I, I suppose I, I'm potentially a threat to them with, with, you know, my angle. Um, but if you feel strongly about something, you'll naturally want to talk about it. So I don't, I don't really have any much fear, really, to be honest with you.

Bob: So you'll go camping and sorry, you'll go camping like outside and sleep outside.

Matthew Hurley: I go hiking on my own. Yeah. Um, I don't go camping, but I go hiking now and again. Yeah.

Chad: And you're never out there kind of scared?

Matthew Hurley: Sometimes crosses my mind, but most of the time I just, um, believe in myself.

Bob: So do you carry a weapon, or?

Matthew Hurley: Um, only my tongue. And no, um, no, um, firearms aren't allowed in the UK. So, uh, no, I don't carry any weaponry.

Bob: I'm going to get a tattoo. Please do not plug my anus. So when I'm down on the ground, they don't,

Chad: I don't think they're going to read that and pay attention to it.

Bob: I'm going to put it in alien language, man.

When I find it out,

Chad: maybe put the triangle on your anus. Yeah. They won't touch it. Maybe that'll tell them you're already the property of someone else.

Bob: So a big orange triangle. Yeah. Yeah. Tattoo it there. Like how big is it? Small just around the anus or like big, like around my hole. I

Chad: have no idea, man. Oh, that's the only get both tattoos.

So, uh, I was going to ask a question and I lost it in that, um, exchange there.

Bob: And I don't think, I don't think a firearm would do anything anyway.

Chad: I'm not sure anything would. You could shoot yourself. There have been stories of abductions where the greys are in the room and the person wakes up and they haven't been totally put down into that state where they have no control.

And they punch, and they punch the grey. And the grey is such, excuse my language, such a pussy. They like run out and they leave. I think you heard that.

Matthew Hurley: Yeah. These, these grays, I think they're quite physically inferior to us in terms of strength. I think their power is in, is in the mind, the mental environment.

So as you say, what normally happens is there's normally a group of them. They focus their minds on the individual. They get put into a state of paralysis and off you go. But there's some people, and this might be a worthy area of research, who can defend themselves mentally against this mental intrusion.

Because it's a mental act, not a physical act. The initial, um, put into that sort of state of acquiescence. Um, so yeah, I've heard of a few cases like that where people, through the strength of their mind, are able to fight back. It might be that there's a lot to our minds that we're not aware of, and the aliens don't want that highlighted, because it could ultimately be a useful tool, uh, weapon against them.

Chad: Yeah, interesting. And some of those cases involve people who... Went deep into prayer like hmm like Jesus saved me Jesus is my Lord I believe in you blah blah, but not just anyone religion basically any religion believing anything a higher power And so if maybe when you're putting your mind into that mental state where you're concentrating on a specific thing They can't get in and cause that state of acquiescence as you put it and then you punch them And then you punch him in the face, you can't get the balls because they don't have any just like a shark

Matthew Hurley: idea that we were spiritual beings, you know, we survived death and it could be there's an innate spiritual power that people can tap into and it could act as a useful tool to defend itself against any sort of mental intrusions from, you know, these sorts of beings.

Bob: Yeah. So I heard a theory with, uh, do you know who George Knapp is? Yeah. Yeah. So George Knapp, they were asking him like, what do you think their agenda is? And he, this is a theory. He said, he didn't say he believed it or not, but maybe they're collecting our souls.

Chad: Yeah. I've heard that a lot.

Matthew Hurley: I think personally, I think they're more interested in the physicality of the genetics rather than the spiritual.

I don't think to me they exhibit much spirituality. Um, I, I think it's, it's human and animal body parts that are after it's genetics rather than anything. Um, spiritual in my opinion.

Bob: Yeah, they are coring assholes, so...

Chad: Yeah, I mean, that's...

Matthew Hurley: I don't think you get to the soul by going up someone's rear end.

Bob: Yeah, do we, do we do that to animals? Or, I'm sure we have, I guess.

Chad: I don't know. Not commonly, I guess, for research?

Bob: Well, that's what this could be, you know.

Matthew Hurley: It's interesting how these graves have got oversized heads. It's almost as if... They've evolved or something's created them to use like every inch of their brain volume.

So they've got this sort of mega psychic ability, um, you know, physically feeble, but mentally really large brain volumes.

Chad: So let's pull that thread a little bit and talk about the, um, possibility, the theory that they are us from the future. If you, and the way the, the way the theory goes is that, you know, we started out as animals essentially in the wild, you know, wearing skirts and nothing else and throwing spears and running around to now where most of us sit in front of a computer, most of our work, you know, there's laborers and stuff still, but most of our work now tends to revolve around thinking.

Uh, we're getting more intelligent. We're letting computers do our work. We're developing AI. We have ships that are going out potentially, uh, into space. And if you were to go, I don't know, a million years into the future, would we need our physical bodies at all? Are we going to have machines doing all of that?

Therefore we evolve into these spindly weak ass creatures with big brains. And, and figure out time travel, come back to look at ourselves, but that wouldn't account for all the damage that they're doing and no genitalia. That doesn't make sense. Well, I mean, they're already procreating in test tubes.

They're already procreating in test tubes. They're experimenting with creating embryos without actually seeding an egg. I just saw an article on that the other day as a matter of fact. So, yeah. Who knows?

Matthew Hurley: I think my angle is with the greys anyway. I think they're like a drone race. I think they're artificially created to sort of, um, perform specific tasks at the sort of base level.

And then there's like a hierarchy of beings above them. Often in the camps you'll get like a short grey, and you get a tall grey. Then it might be some sort of reptoid or something in the background. So I think these grays have been artificially created over a period of time, sort of perform certain tasks.

Chad: So do you have a theory on which one? Because there's the, the reptilians. Mantis is, you know, then you've got call discussions of the, um, Nordics, which I can, yeah. Nordics for some reason I find that ridiculous. But do you have a, do you have a theory on which one of those might be the overlord or the praying mantis?

That's what I said. The mantis.

Matthew Hurley: Oh, you said that. Yeah. I, I think it could be that there's several different groups coming here and it might be that each group's multi-ethnic, so you might have one group from one area as in gray. Um, a mantis, or whatever, do you know what I mean? I don't think it's just a Yeah, yeah.

This is from Orion, and Uh, blondes are from the Pleiades and greys are from somewhere else. I think it might be a bit more mixed up than that. And also as well, you've got to bear in mind these beings can project images into recipients minds. So someone might report, um, I was abducted by a seven foot blonde, but it may well have been a short, ugly grey, but they were able to project an image that they want into, you know, the abductee's mind.

Um, so alien taxonomy, I think it's a tricky one really is when someone sees an entity, you don't know if that's actually what they're seeing or whether it's what the entity wants you to see.

Chad: And there's a lot of reports of, uh, people who see grays say, I was seeing an owl, cause that's another common projection

Matthew Hurley: monkeys in bedrooms with children, that's another one as well.

Or clowns. Yeah. Screen memories that they use to try and pacify. Um, the abductee again, it's the example of that brain power that they seem to have mind power. Yeah.

Chad: So last question, last question I have for you, I think I already know your answer, but I have to ask it anyway. Is there any chance that there aren't aliens that there are no aliens visiting us?

None of this is happening. I don't know how to account for all this stuff, but. I just have to ask that question because there's a lot of people out there that still believe everything we're talking about is nonsense.

Matthew Hurley: It's definitely aliens. They've been coming here for many decades, if not hundreds of thousands of years, and all beings in the universe need physical resources, no matter what they look like or how they communicate, all physical beings are consumed with survival, security, and the acquisition of resources and what we've been seeing on our planet for the last 70 years.

Several groups who are interested in acquiring this planet so they can acquire the resources here with

Chad: Very strong I want to thank you for coming on. I know it's super late where you are. It's uh, what time is it over there now? 12 17 a. m

Matthew Hurley: Yeah, I'd normally be in the land of nods.

Chad: Well, I do this thing called words of wisdom here before we sign off.

It can be very profound or it could be a sale at your local supermarket. Would you like to start or would you like Bob to start?

Matthew Hurley: You can start while I think of something.

Chad: All right, Bob, you're up.

Bob: I'm trying to see what I have. Oh, I don't know if I've said this before, but this has happened to me a couple of times in my life, even as a, you know, above a child.

But anytime you feel like you have to pee in a dream, like you walked to the urinal, don't fricking go because you're going to piss the bed, right?

Chad: I think you did say that, but it's worth repeating. Yeah, it's very important. Wake yourself up and go to the toilet. It's like, I don't know. Just hold it. All right.

There's there is words of wisdom. Can you follow that up?

Matthew Hurley: Never go to bed on an argument. Okay, that's a good one. Yeah. You need a good night's sleep. Good, good sleep is good mental health. So yeah, don't go to bed on an argument.

Bob: So what if the person on the other side, like won't end the goddamn arguments?

Yeah, that's true.

Matthew Hurley: Well, you just sleep in a separate room.

Bob: Go to the basement and sleep.

Chad: So my words of wisdom are, I'm taking the easy way out as always, Bob. Yeah. You don't have any good words of wisdom anymore. I, you know, I need a time to plug, uh, no, I need a time to plug our, uh, guests stuff. So if you haven't done so already go check out bad aliens. info. That's his website. Chock full of information.

Look at it, read it, parse it. You will start to think that, uh, there is something nefarious afoot and you can consider that with all the other information you have, and you will at least come to a more neutral position in the way you view the ET phenomenon. Also, you had another website that you wanted to discuss.

We were going back and forth in email. I don't think we got a chance to talk about it. Do you want to just throw it out there?

Matthew Hurley: Yeah. Um, it's called the allies of humanity. org and it's a communication from a group of friendly teams that are spying on the ones that are on earth. So I do reference them a lot in my website because a lot of what they say mirrors what I see in the data.

So it's a rare form of channeling where they're talking about abductions, mutilations, and missing people that are occurring on our planet. So that website is worth checking out.

Chad: Wait, wait, wait. I have to pull that thread. I did not realize what that was when you sent me the email earlier. Let's say that again.

Matthew Hurley: Okay. So Alice if humanity, um, they're a group of friendly ETS, if you like, that represent different star systems in our galaxy and what they're doing is they're spying on the aliens that are on earth. And they reported through a guy called Marshall B. And Summers, um, produced four volumes of works, all free online.

Um, Alice if humanity. org. And I said, like I said earlier, I'm totally skeptical of channeling, but what interests me about this channeling is. It addresses all that ugly site. It almost mirrors my website. So it's talking about what you see in the data. Abductions, missing people, alien bases. These aliens want an acquisition of resources here.

Um, deals with governments. Um, they've given certain personnel in the American military trinkets from space as a, as a carrot. Um, so they would, the idea is eventually then we would become dependent on their technology. We would be in a position of vulnerability. So, a lot of what is said in that, that channeling does seem to mirror what I see.

Um, in the data.

Bob: And it's like hours, like, oh, oh, you are.

Matthew Hurley: One final thing I want to say is as well, with the allies. What they're saying is there aren't any friendly aliens on this planet anymore, but there may have been in the past. Because we can't determine friend from foe, what they're saying is any alien you see or any UFO isn't here for your benefits, for theirs.

So if you see a craft run like hell, the good guys are watching from afar.

Chad: I hope so. It's allies of human allies.

Bob: Okay. I was putting hours. Yeah.

Chad: There's allies of humanity. org.

Matthew Hurley: My conclusion on my website, I referenced them and

Chad: we'll, we'll link to it in the show notes as well as bad aliens. info. Um, so yeah, thank you very much for joining us.

Really appreciate it. And, uh, we'll be in touch and, uh, I'll send you an email tomorrow for followup.

Matthew Hurley: Okay. Thank you very much for having


Chad: I've enjoyed it. Thank you. Basement hangout. Ow.